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    Had a dream about you last night and woke up smiling =D #goodassnight

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    He’s so effing perfect i cant see straight !

    He’s so effing perfect i cant see straight !

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    "Most guys want to be a girl’s first.
    Smart guys want to be her last.
    Lucky guys get to be both."
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    Lover At Last …

    Ok so I havent been writing much on here but thats just because i’ve been busy with school and such, and I haven’t had enough time to focus on my book reviews. But, I just finished reading Lover at Last, and since im a DIE HARD BDB fan, schools gonna have to wait a little because I need to write this review. I have a lot of things i need to get off my chest.

    First let me lead with this, I absolutely love BDB and J.R. Ward. I’ve read alot of other paranormal series that i LOVE but nothing compares to BDB. The brothers are apart of my life now (i’m such a weirdo), and i really dnt know what i’m gonna do with myself when the series ends. I’ll be crying for weeks, and then i’ll probly just start all over from book one. Ok, back to Qhuinn and Blay aka Qhay. 

    So I finally got to read LAL. I “borrowed” my moms kindle and ordered it. I couldnt wait any longer I just has to read it. I loved the idea of Qhuay, man i was so looking forward to the sex, and the cuddling, and the JOKES, and just everything that BDB is about. I had HIGH hopes. I must say, although this isnt the worst BDB book there is, Phurys book takes that cake and runs with it for miles, i was a little bit disappointed in this book. I dn’t think it lived up to my expectations. Maybe my expectations were too high.

    So the book started out really good. I was reading the beginning Qhuinn gets his truck stolen, V laughs at him (I’ll be posting that excerpt really soon because i was cracking up at that), good ol’ BDB stuff. Then after being 200 pages in i’m like ooooookkkaaayyyy wheres the sex?!?!? Wheres Qhay??? then they finally hook up and i’m like okay good they smushed, now lets get the love story moving. Lets get the fights, makes up, sex, ‘i love yous’ going. and then I read another 200 pages and I’m like whats going on?!? WHERE IS QHAY ! Omg warden, there were sooo many OTHER things going on in this book. So many other story lines. I totally understand that  there are other characters that need to be developed, and i know that while two ppl are falling in love there are still plenty of other things going on in the background, but dammm its was just too much. What were you thinking?! 

    There was assail and sola (btw assail is amazeballs) and benloise and the lesser, layla and the baby, xcor and layla (love these two), and even a little bit wrath and beth with the baby thing. OMG J.R. you were really trying to do tooo much. Seriously, limit the back stories to two per book or something. I’m not a writer so i dnt know the struggle, but this was just too much. At one point I got so bored reading about sola breaking into Benloise’s place, I’m thinking wth is this?!? wheres Qhuay?? And then i really thought there would be a litte bit of tohr and autumn in this book because hello he didnt give off the bonding scent in his book, so i though they would have a little something going on in LAL, but nothing. No autumn no nothing. SMH

    And then the ending, so rushed, so cheesy. I was hoping theyd reveal theyre feelings privately in a bed, not a bar, and much much sooner in the story, not right at the end! after 600+ pages! Come on JR, u can do better than tht. It was just, meh. Qhuay deserved so much better than that. And then the proposal at the end, I wasn’t even expecting that. There was just no proper lead up in the whole entire book to suggest there would be a proposal. Thats how much they’re love story was lacking. Over 600 pages and the love story just wasn’t developed properly. There was just too much focus put on all the other characters who weren’t even brothers, and not enough focus on Qhuay. And then the ending with the happily ever after just made it seem like she didn’t take this love story seriously and i’m just so disappointed I could cry. Qhuay deserved way better, they really love eachother and i really wish they would have gotten a better book. This is probly at the bottom of the BDB pile with phurys book, but im still reading it again lol 

    And then another thing, where the heck was LASSITER! Omg we only saw him like two, maybe three times and he didn’t say that much. WTH JR lassiter has a mouth on him and we wanna hear it ! good jesus i cnt believe she didnt put more of lassiter in this book. He didnt show up until like halfway into the book and in one of his scenes she skipped through a whole conversation with him. Thats UNHEARD OF.  So disappointing omg. The jokes, i miss the jokes. If she doesnt write lassiter a book i’m sending hate mail. Just kidding just kidding, I LOVE YOU JR, but u need to write lassiters book. We’re all waiting.

    So besides the huge disappointments, the book did have its good moments. I love Qhuinn, hes so bad ass and so real. Thats the perfect word for him, real, relatable, amazing. I love the parts where he tried to cuddle with blay, hated the parts where blay wouldnt let him. That first sex scene after they finished when he covered blay with the blanket and closed the holes on his neck, so sweet. And also the part where blay cuddled qhuinn and he took his virginity, so special. I was really hoping qhuinn would tell him first so they could ease into it like butch did with marissa, but UGH that didnt happen. Theres so much that I wish would have happened in this book :( I want a do over. 

    Oh and omg I have to say this. over 600 pages of qhuays love story and my favorite part didn’t even involve them :(  my favorite part was with xcor and layla in the mercedes. This saddens me. But man, xcor and layla in that mercedes, the SWEETEST frickin thing i’ve read in a while. The best word i can use to describe those two is believable. The attraction and connection they share is SO believable it’s like i’m not even reading it, i’m watching in real life and they are two real people who really want to be together. Omg I’m praying she writes his story and writes it so well like zsadist, cuz i know xcor has soem deep issues. I just wanna hug him and squeeze and love him.

    So idk what else to say about this book. I’m disappointed, but i’m still going to read it again simple because its a BDB book and i love qhuay. It had a few moments that are worth a re-read. Nxt time, give assail a novella or something, i love him but there was too much of him in this book. and too much trez too.  And PLEASE dnt just leave lassiter out. Hes the most important person. He has all the jokes. And please please please please please write more about xcor and layla. They NEED a book. and ummmm, idk. think thts it …

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